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Data is continuously uploaded to Weather Underground, PWS Weather, Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP), and the Met Office in the UK. Scroll down for links and real time temperature, wind, lightning and sky web cam.

Miraculon Weather Data - Weather-Display
CoCoRaHS Rain Observations for Wayne County Michigan
Directory view of GRLevel3 Radar Captures - note dates infrequenty updated

Davis Vantage Pro2

On 27 January 2012, a Davis Vantage Pro2 (VP2) Weather Station was installed. This station consists of the ISS with Standard Radiation shield and anemometer/vane instruments. The ISS is mounted on the north side of the house where the Davis Rain Collector II was previously located. This is shaded location. The Anemometer and Wind Vane are located on the tripod mast in place of the old AAG unit. There is a wireless Anemometer Transmitter that sends the wind data to the console. A WeatherlinkIP logger uploads data to Weather Underground and CWOP. The WU callsign is still KMILIVON2 and the CWOP callsign is still CW4114.

Solar Sensor

A Davis Solar Sensor (6450) was added to the station at the end of March 2012. This sensor is mounted on the mast directly above the tripod area. When the sun is north of East in the morning, or north of West afternoon, the sensor is blocked by the house. In addition there are trees, especially towards the SouthEast which affect the solar sensor in mid-morning. From just before noon to late afternoon, the sun is unobstructed. The solar sensor output can be viewed on Wunderground (KMILIVON2) or the Weather-Display link above.

Anemometer and Lightning Detector

ISS Front and Back

Miraculon Weather on WeatherLink

Miraculon Weather on Weatherlink
Weatherlink map showing Livonia Michigan
History Data - Infrequently Updated

WeatherlinkIP uploads this data from the VP2 Console.


Remaining One-Wire Devices

The following hardware will continue to provide limited data such as lightning:

The One Wire Devices are running on SuSE Linux under OWW

The Lightning Detector and Deck Temperature reported on this site continue to run under OWW. The AAG Temperature/Humidity, AAG Barometer are still running and will be reported on Met Office WOW in the UK. Wind Speed is from the Inspeed Anemometer on Met Office WOW. No rain gage or Wind Vane data are uploaded due to a device failure in the old One-Wire Wind sensors. (specifically the Vane ADC)

Lightning Detector Added July 2009

I installed a Hobby Boards Lightning Detector [LD4-R1-A]. I installed it into a section of 3/4 inch PVC pipe and a conduit body. The antenna is in the pipe section and the detector board is in the conduit body section. This is also on the One Wire Weather network and is recognized by the OWW program as GPC1. There will be background noise counts, but lightning should show up as numerous counts.

Lightning Delta Counts output from GPC1

All GPC1 data including Delta Count plot and NOAA Lightning Forecast

The plot program is captured from a desktop plotting utility called trend. It is in scrolling mode and the freshest data is the brighter white and originates from the right side. Older data appears as a faded intensity white line. The vertical ticks are approximately 10 minutes apart.


Webcam is operational as of 18 Feb 2011. The camera direction is approximately SSW and is aimed to minimize the potential for sun damage. It is a 640x480 image, so it is not "high definition" by any means. You can see cloud cover pretty well. Weather Underground will pull in this image rather than a direct upload. This image will update once per minute.

My VP2 station data is continuously uploaded to Wunderground. My Wunderground ID is KMILIVON2. Click one of the icons below for current data.

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Full Vantage Pro2 Data are now uploading to PWS via Weather-Display running on Linux. The ID is CW4114 same as CWOP. Click the link below.

Davis VP2 Data on PWS Weather

Temperature Sensor in Davis 7714 Radiation Shield at Deck Area

The temperature from the Deck area is plotted below. This is a 1-Wire sensor reported via OWW.

Deck Temperature

Plot generated with Ploticus in PNG format

I participate in the Citizens Weather Observer Program or CWOP. The Davis VP2 data is uploaded here.

CWOP CW4114 Page

You can look at my data and some quality control charts here:

Gladstone QC Charts for CW4114

Look for CW4114 on the NOAA MADIS page by zooming in on the Detroit, Michigan Area. Wait for the data to load. It is helpful to add the OVERLAYS for Highways and Counties to get your bearings.

MADIS Surface Data

Partial data (baro/temp/hum) are now being sent to the UK Met Office. My ID is 23083067 for Livonia Michigan USA.

Met Office

I am a member of WX Forum. It is a great place for weather enthusiasts to get advice and tips. There are a lot of knowledgable weather hobbyists and even meteorologists that participate.

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